A Sibling’s Story

Our parents (Michael and Mathil) married on January 28th, 1983 in their hometown Maazeret Toufah, Lebanon. It didn’t take long for the newlyweds to make their way over to the United States and start building their American dream.

Our father had already established momentum and they knew the United States was exactly the move they needed to get started. Two short years after their move, our oldest sister Radah was born.

Two short years later, our sisters Mary and Layla followed.

With three beautiful girls and their hands full (if they only knew how many more were on the way), our parents decided to stop having children. During those ten years, we lived in Buffalo, New York and was on track for a promising future ahead.

December 1995 and Christmas came early… Christiane was born and needed a partner in crime! One year later, Gabby followed!

The family was growing and the Buffalo economy was going in the opposite direction. Our father ventured our to explore the Washington area and was offered a position in production. In 1999, our father was relocated to Philadelphia, PA where our sister Danielle would soon be born.

Three years later we moved to NYC and welcomed our sister, Samantha in 2001!

We moved back to Virginia in 2002 and knew this was where we needed to grow our roots! We welcomed our last sibling and only boy – John-Michael on June 1, 2004.

All hands on deck, our family has deep routes and although the journey was long, we are all here and working together to build our dream!